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How to read my last name

Think of “Poi” of Poisson or the sound of 普啊 or poo-ah (I know, right?)


2023.11.28: Updated CV and community section of front page.

2023.09.13: Updated front page.

2023.08.17: Turned website into a Quarto website.

2023.01.06: Updated CV, teaching, and research.

2022.09.17: Updated CV and teaching.

2022.04.02: Updated CV, teaching, and research. Will organize writing collection.

2022.02.22: Updated teaching and CV.

2021.12.22: Updated research, teaching, included HTML-based CV.

2021.08.28: Dumped CSS style. Try harder to reduce amount of text.

2021.06.20: Maintaining both Ghost and Neocities, will find new use for Ghost, changed CSS style file

2021.03.17: Currently moving from Ghost to Neocities…

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